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Norway 'the best place to live'

Norway is the best place in the world to live according to an annual report by the United Nations.


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Day Eleven


sunny 81 °F

We made it back to Minneapolis safely. Thank you all for following our blog.


Here's a map of our travels. (Try scrolling over the black dots)

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Day Ten

Oslo- Day Three

sunny 90 °F
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This morning we went down to the wharf and caught a two hour lunch cruise. We could see all the sites in Oslo from the fjord. Part of the trip was guided and the second half we got to eat lunch. There was shrimp and bread with butter.

DSCN2574.jpg DSCN2594.jpg DSCN2592.jpg DSCN2591.jpg DSCN2587.jpg DSCN2586.jpg DSCN2584.jpg DSCN2577.jpg DSCN2571.jpg

When we got off the cruise Sara, Linda, and Laura headed to the subway to go to the Natural History Museum. The subway was about to leave so Linda and Sara jumped on and between Sara and Laura the doors shut. Laura was left on the platform. She waved to us goodbye and went back to the hotel.

So, Virginia and Laura watched the Dog Whisperer on TV in the hotel room and then went out for ice cream.

There were lots of rocks, minerals, and fossils. Many more specimens then either of us have seen. We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. Wonder why??

DSCN2612.jpg DSCN2604.jpg DSCN2631.jpg DSCN2619.jpg DSCN2602.jpg DSCN2600.jpg DSCN2636.jpg DSCN2598.jpg DSCN2596.jpg

We went to a Turkish restaurant for dinner. We picked it based on the fact that it had air conditioner. Very good food. We had spaghetti, penne pasta, and lasagna.

Now we go up to the room to pack. We leave tomorrow and should be in Minneapolis around 6:00 pm CST.

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Day Nine

Oslo- Day Two

sunny 86 °F
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Today we got to sleep in a little. For Virginia and Linda this probably meant 6:30 and for Laura and Sara this meant 8:30. Then we were off to the ferry. (We bought the Oslo pass, which gets us transportation via boat, subway, and bus.) The ferry took us out to a series of islands, which are home to most of the museums here in Oslo.


The first museum we went to was the Fram Museum. This had the strongest wooden ship that has also sailed the furthest North and South. This boat was in use between 1893 and 1912. Laura was a little freaked out by the medical instruments they had back in that day.

DSCN2521.jpg DSCN2525.jpg DSCN2522.jpg DSCN2517.jpg DSCN2271_2.jpg DSCN2270_2.jpg DSCN2269_2.jpg DSCN2268_2.jpg

Then we went across the street to the Kon-Tiki Museum. This museum focused on the Heyerdahl's expeditions. Basically these Norwegian guys thought that there had to have been a connection between South America and the Mediterranean (based on architecture). So they put together a reed boat to sail across the Atlantic to prove that it was possible. And it took the four men 105 days to make it. But it worked.


Next we caught the city bus to the (Viking Ship Museum) Museum of Cultural History. The museum had three of the best preserved Viking ships ever found. They were found in three royal burial mounds. They were buried more than 1100 years ago as vessels to 'carry the royal owners the the other side'. There were lots of tools, carts, and sleds there too. Very neat.

DSCN2538.jpg DSCN2539.jpg DSCN2533.jpg

Then we had lunch at a little kiosk. Sara had a hot dog. Laura had a panini. And Linda and Virginia had a hamburger on toast. Really it was on buttered toast.

DSCN2530.jpg DSCN2275_2.jpg

Next we went down the street to the Norsk Folk Museum. There were 155 buildings there you could just walk around and peek your head into. The people working there were dressed in the traditional Norwegian costume, the bunad. We had lefse from a woman who was in one of the traditional looking homes making it from scratch. We watched her roll it out and then put it over the open fire. It was the best we've had. Of course we put lots of butter on it. Don't worry we got the recipe. We tryed the Norwegian version of a Kit Kat; they have much better chocolate here. :)

DSCN2546.jpg DSCN2552.jpg DSCN2553.jpg DSCN2557.jpg DSCN2559.jpg DSCN2561.jpg DSCN2293_2.jpg DSCN2289_2.jpg DSCN2287_2.jpg
DSCN2285_2.jpg DSCN2284_2.jpg DSCN2281_2.jpg

Then we caught the ferry back to Oslo and got ready for dinner.


We took the subway and connected with a public bus as we made our way out of Oslo and up the mountain to Frogenseten. This restaurant was highly recommended by Laura's friend here in Oslo. It had great food and an amazing view over the city. Sara had duck, Virgina had pork tenderloin, and Laura and Linda had reindeer. It was all good.

DSCN2570.jpg DSCN2568.jpg DSCN2566.jpg DSCN2564.jpg

Now we're off to bed. Tomorrow is our last full day in Norway. The time has flown by.

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Day Eight


sunny 77 °F
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We went to the Vigeland sculpture museum when we first got into Oslo today. It took about an hour to walk through the sculpture gardens. Vigeland wanted to portray the circle of life. So all the sculptures were nude, so that they would be timeless.

DSCN2252_2.jpg DSCN2251_2.jpg DSCN2244_2.jpg DSCN2241_2.jpg DSCN2237_2.jpg DSCN2236_2.jpg DSCN2233_2.jpg DSCN2231_2.jpg DSCN2229_2.jpg DSCN2228.jpg

And then we did a driving tour of Oslo and stopped at the new opera house.

DSCN2224.jpg DSCN2223_2.jpg

We checked into the Bondeheimen Hotel, a traditional Norwegian hotel right off the pedestrian street. Linda and Virginia's room was right across the courtyard from Laura and Sara's.

DSCN2257_2.jpg DSCN2259_2.jpg

Then Laura and Sara met up with Laura's friend at an advertising agency here. Very fun to talk with a young Norwegian.

The four of us girls at a the Grand Cafe just around the block from our hotel. The people next to us noticed our accents. Turns out they were from Montevideo. What are the chances. But, you know Linda she can't go anywhere without meeting someone from Monte. They were Knutsons and Johnsons.

We went to the palace, where King Harald and Queen Sonja live. And we saw the changing of the guards. It's what you'd imagine they do. (Like in England)

DSCN2261_2.jpg DSCN2263_2.jpg DSCN2266_2.jpg

It was hot today!

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