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Day Two


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We left Lillehammer and drove up the Gudbrandsdal valley to Otta. The view was awesome. Saw a river with some decent rapids.


From there we continued along the Vaagaa Lake to Lom. All of us really liked Lom. Cute little town with a bakery we ate lunch at. The pasteries were amazing, even took a video of them! Which we WILL bore you with. Took pictures of more rapids on the river.

The pasteries! :

Video of Laura trying to pronounce Norwegian:

Lesson of the day --> "Excuse Me" :

Sara getting a kick out of the pronunciation of snow:

Continue up the Boverda Valley to Grotli and along the "Reindeer Road" to Dalsnibba view point, which is a glacier on top of the mountain. Here we made a stop to enjoy the views of the surrounding mountains and fjord below. Virginia was a little nervous that we would tip over the edge, because it was a skinny road with a cliff and giant bus. We were lucky to get to the top and see the views, because the day before the road was impassable because of a snow storm.

Our bus driver making a funny while on the skinny mountain road:

We were at 1500 M.O.H. We don't know what that means; just google it. Linda made the hall of fame today, because we almost left without her. She was in the shop past boarding time, so the bus driver hid the bus behind a different bus. When she came out of the shop she looked around and then started running through the parking lot. The whole bus was taking pictures and laughing.


When she finally got on the bus we descended to Geiranger. In Geiranger we had an hour to shop. Aparrently Geiranger likes trolls, because there were many of them there. There is an old folk lore in Norway that the trolls were the native inhabitants of Norway, they only come out at night to cause mischeif.


Then we boarded a ferry for a one hour cruise on the Geirangerfjord, now on the UNESCO's Heritage List. We passed the 7 Sisters and the Bridal Veil waterfalls tumbling into the sea. Along the way we saw a few farms that were up on the cliffs. They were abandoned for obvious reasons. But still beautiful.

Weird (Failblog.com looking picture on the ferry) notice the built in underware:

While waiting for down at the place where we got on the ferry and Sara and Laura got a Norweigan lesson from the bus driver, here is a video of Sara.

We made it to the Raftevolds Hotel, where the fun began at dinner. Many on the tour, including the bus driver, sang songs in Norwegian.

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Day One


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God dag! The flight on Iceland Air was fantastic; the food not so good. We watched the sunset and rise all within the same hour, which was really cool. This time of year up here the sun barely goes below the horizon. We also saw glaciers and ice bergs over northern Canada and Greenland. We barely slept on the plane; a 5.5 hour flight.

Here is us before we get on the long flight:

Here is a shot Sara took out the window of the Icelandair:

The flight to Norway was 3 hours from Iceland. We slept a little and read a little. We've been up for nearly 32 hours. We were happy to be in Norway.

Here you can see how great we look after a 6 and 8 hour flight:

We met our bus driver right away and he took us to Hadlund Glassverks. We watched the master glass blowers; we even bought some cute green glass birds. Then it was back on the bus on the way to Lillehammer, which is one of the sites of the 1994 Winter Olympics. We saw the ski jumps and even got to see some people doing the jumps. Right now they are astro turf that they keep wet with sprinklers. Sara and Linda rode up the ski lift and took pictures. Virginia and Laura stayed on the ground where they thought it was safe.

Glassverk grounds:

Ski jump grounds:

We are now at our hotel Molla, where we can't get our pictures to load onto the hotel computer. The hotel is a old mill and so there is a river running right next to the building. Linda and Virginia can hear the babbling water when they open their window. We will be checking out the bar on the top floor, which is revolving. We hear you can see the northern lights from there. Good night.

Our hotel room, glad we don't mind sleeping close to eachother yickes:

Hotel Molla (the yellow building):

Video taken at dinner inside the hotel:

"Night" time in Norway:

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One Week Until We Leave

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One week until my mom, Linda, my grandmother, Virginia, my sister, Laura, and I leave. Laura and I will try to keep this blog up to date while we are traveling. We leave Minneapolis on June 15th and after a stop over in Reykjavik, Iceland, we land in Oslo, Norway, on June 16th. We will be traveling the country until June 26th. Hope you all find this blog fun to read.



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